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Dr. Sexy conducts his preparedness inspection

A shudder raked his powerful frame. ‘Reiko, I need to make sure you’re ready. I can take this as slow as you want.’ His voice held a gently pleading quality that lit a triumphant flame in her heart.

Boldly, she raised one leg and slid it over his thigh. ‘I’m ready. Feel free to check it out for yourself.’

The Sinful Art of Revenge - Maya Blake,

"He shifted to his side and zeroed in on the little area of curls at the apex of her thighs. Pale as winter sunshine, wavy as the sea, it concealed what he was eager to pay homage to."

Impossible To Resist - Janice Maynard

Penis or Plunger?

"He was so large she felt that she could not let him go without feeling the suck of his organ on her womb, without feeling the need to have him back inside."

Secrets of Castillo del Arco - Trish Morey

"His fingers worked at his shirt, reefing it off, and she could not resist putting her hand to his skin, drinking in the complexities of his skinscape—the sculpted flesh, the wiry brush of hair, the nuggety nub of a nipple."

Secrets of Castillo del Arco - Trish Morey

Who needs a rainbow when all you need is purple?

"He caught her colorful thrills and delicate spills on his lips and delivered them to hers, let her taste her essence, which only made her crave his. They peeled each other bare and touched, tasted, breathed each other in until they blended so perfectly that her leading him to her and his going inside was inevitable.

They made their own rainbow.”

Cool Hand Hank - Kathleen Eagle

Wait… What?

”’Sweet cakes with foam.’ He smiled against her nipple. ‘Which has a bite to it.’”

Cool Hand Hank - Kathleen Eagle

Cryptozoological Sexytime Fun

He gave a pained laugh as she rose over him like Nessie, pushed her hair back and settled on his lap with an added bonus.”

Cool Hand Hank - Kathleen Eagle

Why Wile E. Coyote is a Bad Bet in Bed

He murmured her name and moved against her faster, until the powder ignited, the kindling went up and she was thrown a thousand leagues into the air.”

The Fearless Maverick - Robyn Grady

His penis must be one of those newer models.

At the instant his orgasm imploded, Alex arced his neck back and gave into the shuddering release that rocked every cell in his body.”

The Fearless Maverick - Robyn Grady

Pussy Personified

"Beautiful pussy.” He parted the folds with his thumb then licked her. She cried out at the sensation of his tongue boldly tasting her, brazenly sweeping over her clit. “God this pussy that aches for me."

Scoring Lacey - Jenna Howard